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M y  I n t e n t

MyIntent is partnering with SuperChicks Camp to facilitate the empowerment of  young women everywhere.

Each MyIntent bracelet is made by an artisan to order, you get to pick your word / words. It will serve as a daily reminder of your intention as well as a catalyst for meaningful conversation.

When you buy a MyIntent product with our code, you will get 10% off your purchase and MyIntent will donate 40% of that sale made with SCC's discount code "SuperChicks10" to the MyIntent x SuperChicks Camp Fund that will finance an SCC led program for about 400 girls living in rural areas of Bangladesh. When you give the gift of intention with the code SuperChicks10, it keeps on giving! Go to www.MyIntent.org to check out the products and get 10% off your order. 

The girls at SuperChicks Camp Ibiza making our very own  MyIntent bracelets!