Who is SuperChicks camp for?

SuperChicks Camp is tailor made for teen girls aged between 11 and 17 who want to feel more confident, more motivated, less worried, get clear on what they want their lives to look and feel like and who want to have fun all while being in beautiful natural surroundings.

It is for girls who want to meet others their age and grow and develop strong, supportive relationships for life.

It is for girls who want to further develop their life skills and reach their potential.


What’s included in the package?

The all-inclusive package includes:

  • Room & Board for four days & three nights. In a beautiful cabin in CALIFORNIA or a luxury villa in IBIZA.
  • 24/7 supervision. The camp's first-class staff will have an overall staff to camper ratio of 1:5. This ratio does not include housekeeping, maintenance and kitchen staff. We only count program staff!
  • All meals including breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks
  • All activities and workshops! There are no extra program fees!
  • Campers are welcome to bring their own sleeping bag / bedding & pillow but we can provide bedding as well
  • Indoor and outdoor activities include: yoga, meditation, hiking, themed dinner parties, movie night, and a high ropes course
  • *** activities may vary based on time of year and location
  • Workshops that centre around: communication skills, body image, relaxation, goal setting, gratitude and more
  • All campers will receive an exclusive link to all of the pictures taken at camp so campers can relive their camp experiences and parents can see what the girls have been doing while at camp
  • In addition campers will take a box of gifts home, we can't reveal what they are as the campers will be the ones making them!

When is my payment due?

A non-refundable deposit of $600 is required to reserve a spot. The full payment* needs to be made two weeks before camp start date.

* IBIZA: By March 16, 2016 for our Spring Session.

* CALIFORNIA: By June 23, 2016 for the Summer Session.


Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a sibling discount of 5% for the second teen

We also offer early and super early bird discounts as follows:



10% off if paid by December 30, 2015  ($ 1,079.00 USD)

5% off if paid by January 30, 2016 ($ 1,139.00 USD)



10% off if paid by Aoril 7, 2016  ($ 1,079.00 USD)

5% off if paid by May 7, 2016 ($ 1,139.00 USD)


What kind of supervision will be provided?

Our team will be supervising the group all day, with regular evening check ins throughout the night.

There will be at least 1 counsellor for every 5 girls.


How many campers will there be?

There will be a maximum of 20 campers at any one session.


Where is SuperChicks Camp taking place?


Our camp will be taking place in a beautiful villa on a 15000m² plot, 10 minutes from the airport and from Ibiza town.



Our camp will be taking place at the Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center, a 50-acre facility nestled in the majestic San Jacinto Mountains, at mile-high altitude.


26375 St. Highway 243

Idyllwild, CA 92549

Idyllwild is about 90 mins - 2 hours from both Los Angeles and San Diego and about 35-45 minutes from Palm Springs.


How will we get there?

For our local campers: You can either drive your teen to camp, or we can organise for a carpool with the other campers if that is easier.

If you are flying from outside the country we can arrange for an airport pickup and drop off or extra nights at an accommodation in the area before or after camp if necessary (at an additional cost.).

For the IBIZA camp we offer one of  our counsellors to chaperone the girls who are flying from London at no additional cost. 


We are not from the area and will be flying in what are our options?

We can arrange for an airport pickup and drop off or extra nights at an accommodation in the area before or after camp if necessary at an additional cost.


How much is it and how do we pay?

The price is $1199 for the CALIFORNIA camp and 1099 GBP/ 1495 EUR for IBIZA. You can pay this via our website HERE


What’s your refund policy?

We offer a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit up to 60 days before the camp start date.

If cancelling less than 60 days before camp start date, we cannot issue a refund.

If for some reason the camper cannot make the session she is registered for, the credit can roll over to the next session with an additional $150 transfer fee.  


I would love to join but can only attend on day 2?

It is important for all members of the group to start camp and end together at the set times to ensure continuity and growth.


What insurance is in place?

Each teen should have their own health insurance, but in case you would like more coverage / travel insurance, we highly recommend getting travel insurance via World Nomads. You can get a quote from World Nomads and discover more HERE.


What should we pack?


  • Bedding - You are welcome to bring your own bedding / sleeping bag & pillow but we can provide bedding as well.
  • *** For IBIZA all bedding is provided.
  • Themed party clothes and accessories. (Themes will be announced soon)
  • Comfortable walking and exercise shoes
  • Comfortable clothes like leggings, yoga pants, shorts and t-shirts
  • Swimwear
  • A sweater or jacket (layers recommended)
  • Everyday clothes that feel comfortable to move around in

*You will get a detailed packing list upon enrolment


What policies are in place?

No cell phones or cameras will be allowed at camp

Campers will be dismissed without refund if they violate camp rules. (see below)


Why no cell phones?

Camp is a time to unplug from technology and connect with new friends. Phones are a distraction in our Camp community, and they are easily lost or damaged. The camp is only 4 days and 3 nights so unplugging for that brief time is good practice in being present and in the moment. We know that it is difficult for many children to be away from their parents for so long, so please call us if you would like to speak more about this issue.  If you are extremely homesick and must speak to your parents, we will allow you to call them using our phone. But, we must encourage you to not expect to make calls throughout camp to give you the full, uninterrupted experience of camp.



What are camper behaviour expectations?

  • Follow camp rules and boundaries set by staff
  • Avoid put-downs and negative words
  • Stay with your group at all times
  • Show respect to yourself, others, and the environment
  • Be responsible for your own actions
  • Commit to fully participating in all the activities, even if it is outside of your comfort zone
  • Be supportive to others
  • Have FUN!


What is your dismissal policy?

When deemed appropriate by the Camp Directors, staff will communicate behavioural concerns to parents. Our goal is to create a plan with parents to ensure that the child behaves most positively with staff and peers. If behaviour problems persist, it is the sole discretion of the Camp Director whether a camper may stay at camp.

We seek to ensure that all campers have a positive camp experience, thusly, a camper will be dismissed from camp without a refund for reasons including but not limited to the following:


  • Use or possession of chemical substances, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs
  • The sharing of prescription medication with another camper (both involved parties may be penalised)
  • Unauthorised use or possession of cellular telephones
  • Unauthorised use or possession of weapons
  • Persistent inappropriate language, teasing, bullying, conduct which is dangerous (i.e. sneaking out of the cabin at night unsupervised)
  • Illegal, or in the opinion of the camp directors, conduct detrimental to the camp and/or other campers
  • Anything that endangers the health or safety of campers and/or staff
  • Destruction of property
  • Leaving Camp boundaries or property without permission
  • Continued inappropriate behaviour, including but not limited to threatening others, using profane language, not following directions, teasing, or inappropriate sexual behaviour


What if I have special dietary requirements?

We are happy to discuss all dietary requirements and make the appropriate arrangements with the kitchen.


Who is this camp NOT for?

We are not a magic factory where we change your world in the blink of an eye when you register. What we do, is we provide incredibly effective workshops, exercises, activities, to revolutionise your life. BUT - we bring 50%, the other 50% is in YOU.

You have to choose to participate, to give it your all and really be open to change. If you are open to change, we will facilitate your growth, but you have to participate. Lesson #1 - You are your own catalyst for change. You have the power to do anything. everything has to come from you.

We don’t want you to come if you don’t want to be here. That’s right. We want to work with girls who want to change their lives, who are not happy with their status quo. Who are sick of feeling “less than” - who know that there is more to them, that they can be better, who know they have true potential but can acknowledge that they have a block that needs unblocking. We want girls who want to work hard towards change now so they can thrive moving forward.

We don’t aim to make you loved by everybody. We want you to be the very BEST version of yourself and reach your full potential.


What will I get out of this?

You now have a chance, to discover the tools that brings along true empowerment, root a deep sense of confidence, a deep sense of self-belief that is unshakeable through whatever challenges life brings.

To be able to hold your head up high when you walk into a room, confidently introduce yourself to a complete stranger, accept rejection with unshakeable belief in yourself… that is a wonderful thing!

After this program, we want you to walk into your high school and be able to speak to whoever you want to speak to. We want there to be no self doubt, no noise. We want you to not hesitate to go after what you want to, audition for the school play? Run for class president? We want you to feel like there is nothing in your way, to be able to run toward what you want, not hesitantly inch toward it. We want you to KNOW what you want, and figure out a way to get it, and when haters get in your way, We want you to have that strong inner voice that is your truth, that you CAN do it and that you WILL. Wouldn’t that be so nice? Wouldn’t believing in yourself be liberating? Freeing?