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Do you feel like you are living to your fullest potential and empowered to do anything and be the best version of yourself?


Are you like most teen girls out there?

  • Are you lacking confidence because you’re feeling insignificant, small, lost, unsupported, alienated, or sad?
  • You’ve entered high school and it’s not exactly everything it's cracked up to be?
  • Boys making you feel bad about yourself?
  • Other girls being mean and putting you down?
  • Are you not seeing a beautiful person when you look in the mirror and instead seeing glaring flaws?
  • Do you at times feel friendless, frustrated, overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel like your parents and friends aren't "getting" you?
  • You wish you knew how to deal with all the pressure coming from all directions, the changes happening in your body and with your relationships?


There is so much going on, so many changes and sometimes you may feel frustrated, unsure, embarrassed, overwhelmed and worried about everything you think is expected of you... school work and the future, your relationships with your friends, family, college applications, teams, clubs...

Whether you want to admit it or not, if you're reading this page, there is an aspect of your life right now that you are struggling with.

Most of all, you feel your light not shining as bright and your essence blur into the background, lost in the million things going on around you.


I S   T H I S   Y O U ?



  • Deal with any issues that come up with friends, family and peers at school and at home
  • Be able to say what you mean and mean what you say in a way that is helpful to yourself and the other person
  • Create more independence, autonomy and freedom for yourself
  • Establish your personal space (both your physical space like your room) and also internally (i.e. boundaries) and work with those around you to create a respectful way of dealing with issues around this
  • Be able to manage and accept the changes happening in your body
  • Discover how to deal with dating and the disappointments that sometimes happen here
  • Deal with stress and worry around exams, school and the future
  • Feel happy, excited and relaxed about your life
  • Gain and maintain TRUE confidence 
  • Walk into your high school and be able to speak to whoever you want to speak to 
  • Erase self doubt, block out the noise
  • Be able to go after what you want to, feel like there is nothing in your way, not hesitantly inch toward it 
  • Listen to a strong inner voice that is your truth, that you CAN do it and that you WILL
  • Believe in yourself


So why do WE get it?



" Well for starters I was that person struggling with adolescence quite a few years back (bet you can’t guess how old i am?!)

I woke up one day at the age of 13 and was so confused, angry and scared. I hated my body, I fought with my parents - a lot, I was overwhelmed with school, i had no idea what job i wanted to do as an adult and often felt unhappy wondering what the point of it all was.

As the years passed I realised I wanted to help others going through similar situations - give them the tools to help deal with all the pressure, build their confidence and motivation, be an ear when they wanted to talk, and through it all reassure them that everything was going to be OK.

So I studied Psychology (BSc), Psychotherapy (MA) and Adult and Youth Coaching (PPC & YIC Dip.). I have worked with teens and their families in schools, one to one and even on a psychiatric ward. I wanted to find the best ways to help, to understand the deepest truths of each person, to offer support and love in all ways I could." 



" I grew up surrounded by a very negative community, I had friends who got eye surgery, nose surgery and even breast augmentation between the ages of 13 and 15. Worst of all, this was often the result of parents wanting to "improve" their kids. My own mother consistently offered that I got every type of surgery done before I had even passed puberty. Family members and friends were often commenting on my weight if I gained even a little bit of weight. Mind you, I was a size 00 - very skinny - and very athletic when I grew up, I probably could've gained weight not lost it. On top of it, my parents were divorced and my school was the kind of school where the parents thought I was "less than" just because my parents had divorced, they didn't like it when their children befriended me.  

Through the turmoil of my parents' lengthy separation, negativity of my surroundings and the toxicity of relationships at school, I realized I had two paths I could go down. I could succumb to what everyone else expected, wanted, asked of me, and try to please everyone... OR... I could try and be the very best version of myself and trust that everything will work out. I distinctly remember the moment where I made that decision to be the best version of myself and stick to my truth and I thank my lucky stars every day that I didn't listen to all the negative chatter. That decision made me strong and that decision has guided me through every aspect of my life. 

What I learned over the years is, no external force will make you happy. Happiness, contentment and satisfaction comes from within… 

Discovering how to TRULY love yourself, TRULY believe in yourself despite being down, despite a lack of support, learning how to go through your emotions but come out the other side ready to make a difference… That was what helped me, and that is what I believe will help you.

I began my personal journey of self betterment and self love a long time ago and it has borne such great things for my life since. I want to pass on what I learned, and the tools that got me through my difficult times so that I can help young women overcome similar issues early, so that they may get a head start on their journey in life."




We met at AwesomenessFest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2014. We connected, we shared, we danced a lot and said "I love you" to each other during a Lisa Nichols' workshop - our friendship was born and began to bloom.

We began developing our idea after discussing what we would have tried to teach our teen selves and Superchicks Camp was born!

Enough about us! Meet our amazing SuperChicks Camp Counselors!



Lisa Van Ahn is the creator of the I AM Initiative, a curriculum for girls' self-love and self defense. She's a former pro-boxer, current member of the US kickboxing team, multiple title holder and most recently American Ninja Warrior athlete. She got into martial arts after years of being assaulted, bullied, victimized and depressed. With her unique perspective on taking radical responsibility in her own life she designed a program that guides girls to love themselves as they are, trust their gut, and be positive change in the world. 


My grandest dream is to empower young girls to follow their dreams, believe in themselves, and live their lives proudly & joyfully in the body that was gifted to them. I know how it feels to doubt, dread, and experience those “I’m not good enough” moments in life. I have so been there. In fact I’m conquering it every day and I want to help other girls realize their own inner I Am powers so they can too. 

When we believe we’re unworthy, there isn’t a defense system in the world that will protect us. I know this is true because I experienced it. I grew up believing in the negative things that others were saying about me and I let it shut me down. 

I am here to share this with the girls in our world. These girls are in my heart. I want to embrace every one of them, look them in the eye, and say “I love you. You matter”. But most of all I want them to know how to say it to themselves!"



"Not so long ago I was exactly where you were. I was struggling with pushing myself to get out there and confused about how to do that. I decided that I wanted to pursue acting and that eventually brought me from Connecticut out to California. Along the way I found yoga and I discovered a place where I could be myself and I could focus on loving myself and discovering abilities that I never thought I had. Ultimately I decided to pursue teaching and leaving acting behind. I love teaching others and showing them how much a yoga practice can do for them in their own lives. It affects the way you see yourself and others and it shows you how to really believe in yourself and be kind to yourself. 

I was thrilled to join the SuperChicks Team because I truly feel that had I had an opportunity to do this at your age I would have figured a lot of these things out a lot sooner. I think that having a great support system and a great group of friends and people to talk to while you are going through the changes that you do in your teenage years is so important. To be able to step away from everything for 4 days and really focus on growing yourself and believing in yourself is such a powerful thing and I'm really excited to join you for the journey.  

Meditation can be really hard for people right at the beginning but when you realize that everyone has a wandering mind and everyone has to take the same steps of coming back to their breath, it becomes a lot easier. It is such a powerful practice because it allows you to be with only your breath and focusing on specific images and parts of your life that you want to work on. Combining that with a yoga practice is really powerful because it combines your breath and your body and you can let go of all of your worries and just connect to your breath and your body and let the practice take over. I hope in the four days I'm with you I can help you cultivate your own yoga and meditation practice and see just how incredible it can be for you."




Brooke received her Bachelor of Science in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Brooke's commitment to her work keeps her active in the community as a monthly participant in two professional supervision groups; led by leaders in the Eating Disorder community: Elyse Resch and Carolyn Costin. Brooke stays current with research, philosophies, and education as a member of American Dietetic Association (ADA), Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN), and Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE). She is also certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Brooke believes in a non-diet approach to health. Instead, she teaches people to identify and honor their bodies’ hunger and fullness signals. By listening to one’s body and offering unconditional permission to eat anything, people are able to minimize guilt and begin to enjoy the eating experience. Debunking food myths and eliminating food rules enables one to eat what she truly wants. In time, food starts to lose its power. By emphasizing mindfulness and attuning to both physical and emotional needs, each person learns to cope with emotions without using food and begins to eat intuitively.



We want to ask you:

  • Do you want to resolve issues in your relationships quickly and easily?
  • Do you want concrete tools to help you manage your time and your life the way YOU want to?
  • Do you want to stop those silly arguments with your family and friends? enough is enough right?
  • Are you ready to meet others like you and create the types of friendships that last a lifetime? 
  • Are your ready for the best weekend ever?






We are not a magic factory where we change your world in the blink of an eye when you sign up. What we do, is we provide incredibly effective workshops, exercises, activities, to revolutionise your life. BUT - we bring 50%, the other 50% is in you.

YOU have to choose to participate, to give it your all and really be open to change. If you are open to change, we will facilitate your growth, but you have to participate. Lesson #1 - you are your own catalyst for change. You have the power to do anything. everything has to come from you.

We don’t want you to come if you don’t want to be here. That’s right. We want to work with girls who want to change their lives, who are not happy with their status quo. Who are sick of feeling “less than” - who know that there is more to them, that they can BE better, who KNOW they have true potential but can acknowledge that they have a block that needs unblocking. We want girls who want to work hard towards change now so they can THRIVE moving forward.

We don’t aim to make you loved by everybody. We want you to be the very BEST version of yourself and reach your full potential.